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I am not able to download any plans when I click the link. How can I obtain a copy of the plans for this amazing table? thx!

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Hi Luke,
Yes, the kamado grills retain heat very well, so the surrounding area doesn 8767 t get hot. There are several grill tables on the market, but they 8767 re pretty expensive. Building your own can save hundreds of dollars, and you can build it to your specific dimensions and space, so there 8767 s no compromising. Best of luck!

DIY Kamado Grill Table - The House of Wood

*UPDATE: We grilled out on this table and lived to tell the tale! Our grilling experience went off without incident. The ceramic grill retains heat so well, the table didn 8767 t even feel hot. Huzzah! I shared the real time experience via Instagram Stories are we friends on Instagram ? Let 8767 s be!

Hi Brooke,
I think this table is the perfect beginner project as long as you have all of the necessary tools. For example, you 8767 ll need a jigsaw to cut the circle out for the grill, and a pocket hole jig to put everything together. My advice would be to buy more lumber than you need so that if there are any mistakes, you don 8767 t have to waste time going back to the store for more materials, to take your time, read the instructions thoroughly before you start, and ask questions if you need to. Good luck and happy building!

When you fire up your Vision Grill, you’ll see that 8555 years of ingenuity paired with our modern touches make grilling less complicated—and a lot more enjoyable. 

Jen, thanks so much for the inspiration and especially the detailed plans! I just finished copying your kamado grill table and my wife is thrilled. We bought the Char-Griller Akorn and I was able to mount it to the top shelf.

Thanks for the plans. The table looks great! Question about your specific grill: can you still access the electric starter opening on your Vision? Thanks

Hi Dane,
I believe I did follow the plan the bottom of the lower shelf should be 69 inches from the ground.

Hello, I have an Akorn by CharGriller. It is in the egg shape. The Akorn came with it 8767 s own plastic & metal table. I prefer a wooden one. Do you have any plans for the 8775 egg shape 8776 one?
Please & thank you. PATRICIA

Hi Matt,
Yes, in this installation, I 8767 m using the Outdoor Accents purely for aesthetics, however they are capable of being used structurally. As for building the table for your Big Joe, take a measurement from the ground to the bottom of your Big Joe and that 8767 s where you 8767 ll place your bottom shelf (don 8767 t forget to account for the paver stone). Pocket holes are placed underneath the table top so they 8767 re hidden. Hope this helps!