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your way in , It’ll spit you out. I. can hold it in it’s a godsend. A heart. it’s end. Does it matter if the love ever comes back? Does. it matter if the sun ever comes back up? In the dark, in

Akon Lyrics - Chammak Challo

don't have to speak: you can do it in the . dance You don't have to hide: you are safe within the . dance All of us are free in the heart of the dance So mote it be, in the name of the dance

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want you to love me , like I'm a hot ride Keep thinking of me , doing what you. like So girl forget about the world cause it's going be me . I wanna make you beg for it, then I'm make you swallow your

chorus:] There is something about the name Jesus Something about the name Jesus. It is the sweetest name I know Oh how I . love the name Jesus , Oh how I love the name Jesus It is the

was thirty seven, You had first seen the light, Hunger. and Illness kept you Awake at night, Adopted by Claudius, . Who got poisoned so mean By mothers hands To keep the

I crazy or am I blind? Someone told me I'm out my mind Someone told me a girl I like Fell in love and all I did was cry . Someone hold me I am done with this game

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ran with the dead and chased And chased. of belief Reaction from the fall We are ones of will . Desperate and dying I was , I was along For the ride, the ride of the unaligned I

is for the playas in the club, chilling with the . shawties in the club. [x7] [talking: Plies. Ey kell for some reason this fell real special. got what it takes to make me love her. Take her out and spend

ain't the first or last time We'll meet up this late at. night To let our fates intertwine Casually I'd rather. This don't need to be defined And I know that it's